A keyword is one of the most important parts of the implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If the keywords we use are correct, then easily our article can be recognized by search engines. Creating keywords for the title of your blog article cannot be done carelessly. Need tips and strategies that tell the keyword that we use is able to attract the attention of visitors to click our website.

But now, SEO is not enough to make your website is on the top search in Google search engine. Make Unique Articles with the help of Spinjutsu also you need to use to achieve high SEO rankings on Google. In addition, you must also pay attention to the keywords you use for what is often in the search for people in accordance with the keywords you create.

Regardless, when we use the right keywords with the strategy that will explain below, then our article is able to recognize Google. The use of the right keywords can make our articles are on page one Google is even able to occupy the first rank. In the determination of keywords for blog articles, you should do these tips and strategies for the article easily recognizable by search engines and also attract many visitors.

1. Start with Keyword Research
Keyword research is useful to know what keywords are frequently visited. You can do it using keyword research tools. Among them are Google keyword planner and keyword tool io. But we suggest you should use keyword tool io. Because keyword tool io is able to enter keywords more than 3 characters.

However, entering keywords in the keyword tool cannot be entered. You need to know what keywords are often searched by people because it is useless to enter keywords in the keyword tool but keywords that will be used rarely sought by others.

We recommend using the type of keywords that cause questions, tutorials or how to make something, tips, and tricks to do something, or unique facts about interesting things

2. Continue By Developing Keyword
After you use keyword research do not be too hasty decision to use these keywords in your article/ content/post. Try to develop that keyword into a unique keyword that can invite readers to open your blog. Google loves articles/ content/posts with unique keywords that are different from other articles.