Building blocks for kids
This game can be easily done by your child at home so you do not have to worry if they play outdoors. With this game, your child can freely pour their imagination to create his castle with the colorful beam arrangement.

Dolls Games
The most popular dolls of girls are usually baby dolls that resemble a human baby, and then she will cry if the dot is removed, but other dolls are many, though still simple and the model is also limited. Until now, this game seems not yet obsolete. You should refer your sister or child to play this before getting to know the addictive games.

Cooking Games
Almost every girl we know must have played cooking. Unfortunately, now the game is starting to fade. While cooking does not cost a lot, just wear plastic plates and tree leaves around the house. Moreover, cooking is one of the women’s habits, so girls will not easy to get bored. Therefore, if you want to wear more modern equipment you can buy it in the nearest markets