Feelings of sadness and loss can activate some parts of the human brain. When you feel sad and heartbroken, the activity on the part of our brain called the anterior cingulate cortex or abbreviated with ACC, will increase. Feelings of being excluded from the social environment, low self-esteem, and rejection will also trigger ACC activity, especially on the back of the ACC.


When pleased, there will be increased work on opioid receptors. While when you are sad, it will decrease opioid endogenous receptors. The decreased opioid receptor will also cause a decrease in the reward system in yourself, which makes you feel uncomfortable or stressful. Therefore if you already feel that you cannot overcome the stress alone then it would be better if you ask for help the best therapist as you can easily find on the website ayahuascahealings.com/ayahuasca-retreats-peru-sacredvalley/

Regardless, then why the body can also feel pain when we’re broken heart? Well, the pain that we feel will be accepted by the opioid receptor will be processed and converted into the activity of the nervous system so that will bring the feeling of discomfort and pain in the body physically, not to feel anymore. This is why you can experience abdominal pain or chest tightness when broken hearts.