The problem of non-original watches is a complex global problem. This article does not try to offer a solution to it. But how about answering things easier like helping buyers differentiate original products from my watch?A buyer who has reached deeply into the pocket, of course, deserve the product they buy. Yes, many vendors are selling genuine quality replica products, so be careful! Especially if you’re looking for a high-quality best triathlon watch.

Here are some tips that can be used when buying the original watch:

1. Price. Most replica watches are sold on the streets and websites. If you do not pay close attention, you may not be able to distinguish the original from the replica. For the general public, the price is the first factor to consider. With note, the seller does not try to offer the product as an original.

So, it would be helpful if you find out first the price tag for the original product. Use the Internet and visit sites that are authorized distributors or retail outlets. When you shop, at least you know the expected price range.

2. Serial number. Lux watches have serial numbers on it. Make sure your watch has this number when buying. If you buy online, the seller should be able to provide the number in question.

3. Learn the model. Official sites usually offer complete data, including product photos from all sides. Some expensive watches are even shown in a three-dimensional format. Learn every detail including needles, chains, and buttons. Hours counterfeit usually do not duplicate every detail that exists, except replicas, are priced at a higher price.

4. Logos and brands. To avoid problems, some replica product manufacturers print slightly different logos or misspelled brands. Make sure you pay close attention before paying.

5. Document validity. Especially when the official site promises the document, make sure you get it when you buy.

6. Materials / materials. Most original watches weigh more than replicas because the material used is quality compared to cheaper materials.