The abdominal area is the place where most fats are accumulated because the muscles on the part are least used and trained so that the burning of fat and calories that occur there is minimal. That’s why it’s important for you to have the best workout machine for abs. In addition, there are some things that trigger the formation of the distended abdomen, including:

1. Snack eating habits

Most snack foods containing high sugar and fat such as chocolate, cookies, and ice cream can make calories and fat increase and will only accumulate in the stomach. Especially if we consume it at night (without any activity or activity after), then the calories and fat accumulated will be more and more.

2. Lack of physical activity

Lack of physical activity can trigger the formation of distended stomach because the intake of incoming calories is not used optimally to be converted into energy sources so much that will only bury into fat in the stomach.

Not only that, daily routines in the office that tend to sit more can also accelerate the formation of a distended abdomen.

3. Consumption of alcoholic and soft drinks

Drinks containing alcohol and soda have high levels of sugar and calories. If you often consume them, especially after eating, you will only hoard more calories without being able to metabolize these calories.

How to shrink belly

A man is said to have a distended stomach that leads to obesity when the circumference of the stomach> 102cm and the parameter for women is> 88cm.

In addition to the ideal body shape and difficult to find clothes that fit the body, a person with a distended stomach has a greater risk factor for various diseases, such as cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease.

Therefore, the distended stomach should not be underestimated and you should start taking steps to shrink it. Exercise or regular physical activity and diet are two important points to be taken as a way to shrink the distended abdomen. Let’s peel one by one both points.

Exercise became one of the important steps to shrink the distended stomach. By exercising or doing a regular physical activity, the calories that enter the body through the food can be metabolized and converted well into energy so as not to accumulate into fat.

Someone is advised to exercise regularly at least 3x a week with each duration of at least 30 minutes.