1. Make a home cleaning schedule
Scheduled the house cleaning activities, especially on the carpet at least twice a week. If we are busy with other jobs or you may have to go to the office and hardly take the time to clean the whole house, you can clean your carpet at http://carpetcleaningsydney.co/

2. Grooming regularly
Regular grooming is the first step to reduce odor and excessive hair loss. Keeping pet baseball clean is only important for the health of the animal itself but also the health and hygiene of all residents of the house. Try to find out how the exact frequency of grooming for your dog and cat, too often grooming was not good for the condition of the skin of pets

3. Clean your animal’s equipment regularly
Make sure you wash your bed, dinner, and dog or cat’s favorite toys. We can spray a baking soda and essential oil in every part of the house and cat litter box to absorb odor. There are indeed a lot of odor-absorbing fluid options on the market, but what if it’s safest for you and your pet is baking soda.