The increasing number of motor vehicles has caused a traffic jam in every road segment, especially in urban areas. If you have this, the travel time becomes longer. This situation then encourages many people to use bicycles as a means of transportation every day. So how when the rainy season arrives? Is cycling still possible? Yes, you can still ride in the rainy season, and now even you can do it at home with the help of a static bike from the best smart trainer for zwift that can connect you with thousands of other cyclists through the virtual screen. However, if you want to keep cycling outdoors during the rainy season, there are certainly some things that need to be well prepared. For that see cycling tips during the following rainy season!

Always Bring Raincoat
The raincoat becomes a compulsory item that is brought during cycling in the rainy season. Currently, there are available special raincoats for the cyclists. One of them is Dirtworks dirt bike jacket and sevenseven transparent bicycle raincoat. This raincoat is cooling worn and able to protect the body from rain to perfection. This raincoat is available in a wide selection of sizes ranging from M, L to XXL.

Attach the Bicycle Lamp
When it rains heavily, then the view of road users would be disturbed. Therefore, the existences of bicycle lights become an absolute thing that must be owned when wanting to ride in the rainy season. Install two lights on the front and at the back. For example, red bike lights on the back and white bicycle lights on the front. Choose a lamp that has several modes of choice, then activate the blinking mode. In this way, your bike will be noticed by other road users remotely.

Installing Reflector
Cycling tips during the following rainy season are also useful to use when going to bike at night. We recommend you use a bicycle reflector to let other road users know where you are as a cyclist. This reflector can be mounted in a raincoat, either on the sleeve or near the shoe. This kind of reflector can be obtained at bicycle accessories stores.