Education is one of the most important things you must have. Continuing education is also one of the foundations of a person to get a better job. There are many countries you can choose to study. One of the countries that many students choose is the UK. To enroll in the country, you are required to have a visa that you can get by doing an English test. You can do an English test with Trinity college leeds.

In the UK, many of the best faculty you can choose to go to college. One of the most desirable faculties is economics. There are several universities in England that you can choose to enter the faculty,

– Loughborough University
The university is indeed known to have a good economic faculty. In fact, the university also has excellent teaching and research in economics.

– University of Bath
The university has the best score in terms of career category. This university has the best majors in economics.

– University of Surrey
The University, which has a 90 of teaching and learning satisfaction offering the best economics majors in the country.