Got air conditioning but can not give air cool and cold would be the most annoying thing for us all. If the air conditioner does not release cold air, it is clear that the AC is not working properly. The impact of non-cold air conditioners is most felt is the condition of stress and discomfort in the activity due to increased heat, especially in a room that ventilating closed because of the installation of air conditioning. In the meantime, you can call the aircon servicing Singapore to fix your AC professionally.

The air-conditioning unit basically consists of two parts, namely an evaporator (indoor-installed unit) and a condenser (outdoor unit). As the name implies, this evaporator is a blower engine in charge of blowing cold air generated by the condenser. In conclusion, if no cold air comes out of the evaporator, the condenser may not work. There are many other possibilities that cause the air conditioner not cold, among which is the AC unit we choose has a large PK that is too small compared to the area of the room that should be; Refrigerant (R22) Gas or what we usually call as Freon that has been exhausted due to leakage in the pipe or evaporator; The condenser is too dirty resulting in the inability to produce cold air.